Note that the May 11 Dinner meeting has been cancelled due to a lack of speaker.  Look for our June announcement.
Summary of April 13 Dinner " Update of CompTIA - AITP Merger Progress"

Dear Members and Prospective Members:

At the last minute, Ms Shawn Sanford of CompTIA  AITP, arrived to give an update on the transition to CompTIA.  She was helpful in explaining the process.  For individual new memberships, a powerpoint notice to sign up has been distributed to the CompTIA network.  Interested names are being collected for followup when the new CompTIA website is established in July.  These are at the discounted dues rate of $79.  The normal rate will be $99 in July.  They have collected over 4,000 interested names so far.  

For AITP Chapters, an evaluation process is in place to query the 60 chapters as to viability and fit to become a sponsored CompTIA chapter.  The decisions will be made as mid May.  The top 20 chapters will be given extra staff and financial support to make them the advertised model chapters of CompTIA.  The next group of 20 chapters will get less support but will function as chapters.  The final group of 20 chapters will be disbanded.  So with a limited staff of three, this is the chapter transition plan for CompTIA. 

 CompTIA will not micro manage the chapter's administration.  They have to prepare by-law change format and decide who will be the board of directors.  All this will take them time to complete for several chapters.  

Our view of the CompTIA merger benefits to the chapter would be the aggressive marketing capabilities from the expansive CompTIA data base of IT students and professionals that are in the DC area.  To have more members at various levels of experience and specialties would add value to being a member of a professional association.

Where does the DC chapter fit in to this transition?  Well, the nation's capital should have a chapter of CompTIA but will it be the former AITP chapter or a newly created model chapter?  The current chapter has 23 members which is at the lowest level.  The officers have been serving for several years and need new blood to carry on.   The monthly dinner format with educational speaker is not working as well as it has in the past.  We need to infuse webinar sessions and expand the social media tools into our educational program.  As a professional group we need to continue the Code of Ethics requirements as part of being a member.  
We will know more about our fit in the evaluation process very soon.
Go to and check it out.
Thanks to all who attended the April meeting and in particular, a special thank you to Shawn Sanford for her efforts to help us understand the transition process.