2015 IT Hiring and Compensation Trends


Robert Half Technology has an experienced team of staffing professionals with strong connections to the industry's best companies.  Our guest speaker, Diana Smith, is the Division Director of Robert Half Technology | Consulting Services.

Which jobs are in demand?  Which certifications do you need for the in-demand jobs?  What are the salaries for the in-demand jobs?  Learn the answers to these questions from Diana Smith. Her presentation will provide an overview of the salary data for DC in 2015, the in-demand skills and certifications for businesses, and the drivers for hiring in DC’s technology industry.

Come out and join us on February 12, 2015.  Bring your co-workers and friends to hear our guest speaker.  Learn about the skills needed to launch your career into the future.


Black Box Technology: Improving Airplane Safety

The flight data recorder (FDR) is an independent device that preserves the recent history of the flight, through the recording of dozens of parameters, collected several times per second. The cockpit voice recorder (CVR), preserves the recent history of the sounds in the cockpit, including the conversation of the pilots. The two recorders give a testimony, narrating the flight history with accuracy and impartiality, to assist in an investigation.

The critical data provided to accident investigators has lead to airplane safety improvements.

Our guest speaker, Mr. Dennis Jones, is an aircraft accident investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) where he has been employed for over 30 years.  His current position is the Chief Technical Advisor for the NTSB Office of Aviation Safety. He has investigated over 1,000 aircraft accidents worldwide ranging from general aviation to air carrier operations. In addition to heading many domestic investigations, he has led U. S. investigation teams to assist foreign governments in investigations in Europe, Asia, Middle East, North/South America and Africa.

Mr. Jones has trained investigators of the NTSB and officials of foreign government agencies and organizations.  He recently conducted a 5­ day advance accident investigation training course in Singapore for aviation officials based in the region. Mr. Jones is also the agency's expert for aviation safety issues pertaining to the African continent.  Mr. Jones spends 6 to ­ 8 months annually in East Africa where he is involved with implementing several U. S. government initiatives, including assisting with the development of aircraft accident investigative agencies and the training of government officials.  As a result of these initiatives, he has worked in over 30 African countries during a period of nearly 20 years.

Come out and hear how the "black box" data recorder works, and how it is helping to improve airplane safety and saving lives.

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"What's the Deal about Hackathons?"

The November 13 meeting is going to be exciting and constructive. You need to attend and hear our speaker, Mr. Jeremy Carbaugh, who is going to tell us all about Hackathons.

Hackathons are all the rage these days. From startups to governments, organizations of various types and sizes are sponsoring coordinated coding events. Is a hackathon right for your organization? Jeremy will explain the benefits and drawbacks of hackathons and things you should consider before organizing one.

Jeremy is a proponent of open source software and an active participant in the community.  

Potential members and guests are welcome at our monthly meetings.  Come and network with your IT peers.   Invite your friends and make your reservations early. 

Bring your coworkers and friends and make your reservations early.  Note the extraordinary price for members and guests.  Alfio’s fine food for a one time discounted price.   


Board Member Elections                                                                                                                                                                                                 In addition to Jeremy’s presentation, the chapter will hold its annual election of the Board of Directors.


Upcoming meetings - Save the dates:

November 13, 2014 - "What 's the Deal with Hackathons?" / Election of Officers

December 11, 2014 - Holiday Celebration

January 8, 2015  -  "IT Technology used by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)"  Senior Air Safety Investigator Dennis L. Jones may also talk about the missing Malaysian Jet (some information about the jet may be classified).


Improving your Search Success in the Government Job Market


The Federal Government is one of the biggest employers in the National Capital Region. The combination of an aging workforce in the government and shrinking payrolls in the private sector makes the government a prime location to find an influx of job seekers. It can be a complicated process finding and applying for the right job. Job seekers who find themselves repeating the process may feel there's a "secret" to applying for a government job.

During this presentation, Ms. Chase will share her lessons learned and best practices collected from her experiences applying for and landing the right government job.Attendees will be equipped with keys to helpful information that can be applied to their job searching efforts.


Mobile Applications in Healthcare

Mr. Thomas Petry will discuss how technology is being used to leverage portability and mobility within healthcare as well as some of the opportunities and challenges represented by the proliferation of the mobile computing revolution.
How will this impact privacy and security issues?
How can we manage necessary changes to policies?
Can policy makers keep pace with the changing trends in technology?
Will leveraging technology improve outcomes or put our populations at risk?