Getting Requirements Right...The First Time


“When an IT project fails, the post-mortem erupts in more finger-pointing than a streaker at the Super Bowl.  The developers blame the stakeholders for not being specific; for not staying engaged throughout the process; for not reading the updates to the requirements document, for having unreasonable expectations and so-on.  The Stakeholders’ blame the developers for (I know you’ve heard it) not listening; not understanding; burying them in text, spreadsheets and charts.” (David Schulman)

Our guest speaker, Wayne Beekman, will give us insights into how to get requirements right the first time.  Wayne Beekman along with partner Cary Toor co-founded Information Concepts in 1982.

Information Concepts planning efforts use visualizations to allow users to see what a system will look like before any development costs are incurred. Detailed project blueprints with project plans with line item pricing are delivered.

Information Concepts delivers pragmatic technology solutions that balance client business goals with technology investments for Case Management, Cloud-based development, Management Reporting, and Legacy Migration.

Come out and join us on April 10, 2014.  Bring your co workers and friends to hear our guest  speaker. 


Five Cutting-Edge Technologies that Will Become Mainstream Within 24 Months


How will technology change the way that we work and live in 2014 and beyond? RISE Solutions Group has analyzed dozens of promising technologies and identified five that they believe will evolve from emerging novelties to widely embraced trends in the next 12 to 24 months.

These five technologies have been carefully selected because they are at a critical juncture where they are ready to rapidly move from the lab, the corporation and the early-stage entrepreneur into everyday life this year. Many of these have been in the pipeline for several years and are now poised to achieve broad market penetration, changing work, recreation and the home.

Futurists have long discussed these innovations in computing, mapmaking, connectivity and manufacturing as distant possibilities. But they are no longer speculative: This is the year they flourish. Rick Seiden is founder and president of RISE Solutions Group, a consulting and integration firm focused on leading edge, emerging technology.

RISE finds it inspiring to help organizations, large and small, move mission-critical or cost-saving technologies from the drawing board to realization - the point where end users reap tangible benefits from a solution or service.

Come out and join us on March 13, 2014.  Bring your co workers and friends to hear our guest  speaker. 


Due to the inclement weather, the February 13, 2014 AITP Dinner Meeting has been cancelled. 

Our Lean In --To It guest speaker, Ms. Kamalika Sandell, will speak at a future dinner meeting. 


Lean In --To It


Lean in is focused on encouraging women to pursue their ambitions, and changing the conversation from what we can’t do to what we can do.  Make your reservations early.  Come out and hear our guest speaker, Ms. Kamalika Sandell.  Ms. Sandell is the Associate Chief Information Officer at American University. Hear how she is climbing the ladder of IT success.  Bring your co worker, significant other and network with fellow members and guests.

Special Dinner Menu for our February 13, 2014 Valentine Week Dinner Meeting.


How To Protect Yourself Online

We all know that we should be careful with our passwords and credit cards online. But are there other things we could do additionally?

For instance, if you send an Evite to someone, the company now has the email addresses of all the recipients, who may not want their email address given away like that.

When you download an application have you ever noticed that frequently things like (unwanted) toolbars have also been downloaded?

There are applications called password managers which make changing your password more efficient. But what have you given up in privacy?

 Our speaker, Silvia Vargas, will explore all these issues.