Certainly cloud has been on everybody's mind lately --cloud this, and cloud that, and migrating to the cloud, cloud, cloud? So what's the big deal? Does the cloud really help end users? Will cloud really reduce costs? How will cloud affect our jobs and what it means to the IT profession?

Recent IDC research shows that worldwide IT spending on cloud services will grow almost threefold, reaching $44.2 billion by 2013, as the cloud computing model offers a lower cost way to acquire and use IT.

Come and hear the latest on the Cloud impact.

Topic: Internet Law

Speaker: Joy Butler

Date: Thursday, February 10th, 2011


Alfio's La Trattoria

4515 Willard Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD 20815-3622
(301) 657-9133

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Join us for a special joint meeting with Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA).

The "long arm of the law" reaches even into the realm of the Internet.  For our joint February presentation with BDPA, Joy Butler will present a discussion on how the law governs Internet activities and how that can affect us.  Issues that may be covered include:

  • What can I do if someone uses my creative work online without my permission?
  • Can I be fired for my internet activities?
  • Can I mention people by name on my website, blog, Facebook account, etc?
  • At what point does my negative online review about a company or product cross the line from legal to not-so-legal?
  • Am I safe if I post my negative review anonymously?
  • What can I do about negative information posted online about me?
  • I'm very dissatisfied with the service I received from a local business. Can I build a website all about how bad this company is?
  • Is it okay for me to post a review about a product on my blog if the manufacturer gave me a free copy of the product?
  • Do websites know more about me than I think they know? How do websites get information about me if I don't give it to them?
  • Don't websites need my permission to track my online activity and store personal information about me?
  • How can I protect my online privacy?

About the speaker:

Joy R. Butler is a business and deal lawyer with over fourteen years of experience. She helps clients from all industries start, maintain, buy, sell, and finance their businesses. Her areas of legal knowledge include business entity formation, mergers and acquisitions, private investor financing, copyrights, trademarks, internet, and entertainment law.


Joy Butler has two blogs:

  1. http://www.guidethroughthelegaljungleblog.com/
  2. http://www.businesstransactionsblog.com/

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TOPIC: Using IT Tools to Start a Global Business
SPEAKER: Justin Fidler
DATE: Thursday, January 13, 2011, 6:30pm
LOCATION: Alfio's La Trattoria

What's it like to start up your own IT business? In a foreign country? Not knowing the local language nor knowing anyone there? With no customers for 6 months? Knowing little about the market you're targeting? With your target market being in the US? Books like Thomas Friedman's "The World is Flat" discuss how advances in technology have effectively "flattened" the world so that anyone can compete regardless of location. Hear first-hand how one entrepreneur made use of the latest IT tools to do just that, and ended up conquering the entire market.

Justin Fidler Bio
Justin worked for a number of start-up software companies in the Washington area before moving to Estonia. He holds an MBA from London Business School and a B.S. in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Cost (Pay by cash or check at the door):
AITP Members: $15
Non-Members: $25
Student Members: $10