Jack Roof, President and Treasurer, submitted an annual check to support the BSFBetty Stevens-Frecknall (BSF) scholarship fund. For 2016 we contributed $5,000.  This increased amount will give the Betty Stevens-Frecknall Scholarship fund more resources to help qualified candidates to continue their education in the information technology field.
Tom Kohler will continue to represent the DC Chapter on the selection committee.  We committed to provide a chapter member to assist in the selection process in our agreement to transfer the Betty Stevens-Frecknall bequest to the Education Foundation many years ago. 
We also gave $300 each to Wounded Warriors Project and St Jude's Children Research Hospital.
For any questions about these donations, please contact Jack Roof or Tom Kohler.
Exciting News!

CompTIA and AITP have merged effective Nov 1.  As a chapter member, I received the following letter From Julian Wade, 2016 President of the National AITP organization. As the parent company of AITP, CompTIA plans to devote significant resources to promote AITP. 


Jack Roof, President

AITP DC Chapter


November 1, 2016
Dear Jack,
I have some exciting news to share!  AITP has a new parent company: CompTIA, the IT industry global trade association.
CompTIA is a strong champion of the IT workforce with considerable staff and resources. One of CompTIA’s goals is to elevate its voice, relevance and impact as the IT skills gap has widened and workforce needs have grown.  CompTIA encourages individuals to pursue tech careers and supports those individuals with industry insight, training, education, tools and other resources to help them stay marketable and enjoy successful careers. 
With more than 2 million individuals holding CompTIA certifications (including A+, Security+, Network+) and 200,000 additional certifying each year, CompTIA has a strong platform and pipeline to build a world-class professional association.  CompTIA approached AITP and proposed a partnership to form a single entity. By combining forces, we will not be competing with each other or duplicating efforts. CompTIA and AITP have a vision of working together to grow membership from 3600 to 10,000 in 2017 and to 40,000 members in five years.
How does this affect our members?  We’ll still be AITP, although you will begin to see the CompTIA brand adjacent to our logo.  National and chapter dues will remain the same, and there will be no additional requirements for membership.  AITP Chapters will maintain control over all local management, assets and events. The partnership will not have an impact on chapter board of directors, bank accounts, scholarship funds, monthly chapter meetings or any other local events.
Over time, CompTIA will introduce additional benefits to our members, including continuing education, an on-line resume manager, comprehensive job board, industry insight and more.  They will also be providing additional financial support to chapters to increase marketing. 
CompTIA is very committed to the next generation of IT and in continuing to support our student chapters. AITP’s National Collegiate Conference and Career Fair (NCC) will go on as planned in 2017 with support from CompTIA, who will help us make that event even bigger and better. 
AITP’s current Board of Director’s will become the AITP Executive Council, serving in an advisory role to the CompTIA Board of Directors. CompTIA and AITP will work together during a transition period between now and December 31. There are many things still to be discussed and defined.  Nancy Hammervik, Senior Vice President of Industry Relations for CompTIA, will lead the transition effort, working closely with the AITP Executive Council and membership and can be reached here.
Thank you for being a loyal AITP member. We look forward to providing you with expanded resources to support your career and drive our industry forward.  If you have any ideas or suggestions to share, please feel free to reach out to Nancy or me. 
Julian Wade
2016 President
AITP Board of Directors

Dear DC Chapter Member,

This is a report of the Members only meeting

Our member only dinner was held on August 5th with some success.  Of the 33 invitations that were sent out, almost 50% opened the email.   Five members showed up ready to respond to the call.  Two others offered to help; one as a speaker at a future meeting. 

 The meeting started with a moment of silence remembering Former President Chuck Lowe who passed in December 2014.

National AITP HQ now  awards longevity pins to long term members.  We presented pins to Jack Roof (45 yrs), Richard Fidler (30 yrs), Tom Kohler ( 5yrs), Pete Petry (5 yrs) for years of membership.

Our first order of business was to decide to hold a September 10 meeting. 

  Pete Petry, a longtime member and a previous speaker at meetings volunteered to speak to us about current Health Care individual medical records.  Our next order of business was to reduce the number of meetings to six instead of twelve.  We realize that people are very busy with their work and family commitments and coming to a monthly dinner meeting may not be a high priority.  We will try bi-monthly dinner meetings on a trial basis.

A major concern is the low attendance at the dinner meetings. This prompted the decision to lower the number of meetings.  The thought was to improve the events with better topics that are publicized a month longer. 

In 2008 we had 62 members; our current membership count is 27.  We discussed why our count is down.  A number of factors were considered and it was felt that member retention follow up was a problem.   We need to focus on promoting new members and retaining current members at the chapter level.  The final decision of the meeting is to survey the membership and the non-members that we invite to our meetings. When you are asked to give your opinion please respond promptly.   Based on the results of the survey, we will plan the future of the DC chapter.

 We still need a few more volunteers to share the work load.  We always need ideas for speaker/topics that will aid the professional growth of our members.  Specifically, we need communications help with the web site and social accounts; member retention and promotion, and meeting welcome and registration.   Rejuvenation is the theme for the chapter.  The meeting adjourned with a hopeful view of the chapter’s future.

See you at the September 10 Meeting and bring a friend.


Jack Roof, Acting President 202.549.0563

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


AITP Sad News for Members and Friends


The Board of Directors of the Washington DC Chapter, Association of Information Technology Professionals is saddened to report the passing of our Past President Charles Thomas Lowe (Chuck) on December 31, 2014 . More details can be found at http://schildknechtfh.com

Chuck's wife, Linda, shared the shocking news with us that he had passed in his sleep while visiting friends in Colorado. Chuck and Linda had recently retired and moved to O'Fallon, IL. He was 71 years old. Chuck leaves his wife Linda, two sons, Sean and Patrick and grandchildren, Ethan, Mary, and Adden.

Chuck was an important part of the DC Chapter administration. He was a key support person for managing and caring for our membership. He served in many capacities and his leadership was outstanding. Chuck was formerly a member of the AITP NOVA Chapter. More importantly, he was a friend.

We wish Linda and the Lowe family the very best during this difficult period. Chuck was a great man and will be missed beyond measure. The chapter has donated to Wounded Warrior Project per the family wishes. We realize that others will want to contribute to WWP in memory of Chuck Lowe; you may do this either by going to the funeral home site; or go to Wounded Warrior Project.com.

Washington DC Chapter Past Presidents



1955               C. M. Jaycox

1956               Jack Mason

1957               Robert Springer

1958               William O’Brien

1959               Donald R. Buchanon

1960               Robert J. Goliwas

1961               Gordon P. McInturff

1962               William Senter

1963               Robert Kerr

1964               Herman Carson, CDP

1965               Wendell (Barney) Holmes, CDP

1966               Larry Martin

1967               George Nagel, CPA, CDP

1968               Bryce Rathbone

1969               H. Douglas Hall & Bruce E. Spiro, CDP

1970               John W. Larmer,III, CDP

1971               Carl E.Diesen, CDP

1972               Betty J. Stevens-Frecknall, CDP

1973               William I. Harris, CDP

1974               John L. Walker, CDP

1975-76          Gordon Patrick

1977               Harry Pritchett

1978               William McDaniel, CDP

1979               Walter J. Wiley, CDP

1980               Ralph E. Jones, CDP

1981               Jay T. Westermeier, Esq. CDP

1982               Edward O’Keeffe, Jr. CDP, CDE

1983               Henry E. Wilfong                              

1984               Patricia O’Brien-Marsh

1985               Eugene T. Dolan, CDP

1986               Sharon Sandstrom

1987               Edward H. Hey

1988               Sandra Jean Borden, CDP

1989               Vera R. Jones

1990-91          Jack K. Roof

1992-93          Jim Cullum

1994              Angela Connelly

1995-96          Stu Levin

1997-98          Carole Cotter

1999-00          Jack K. Roof

2001-02          Dick Davies

2003-04          Steve McCaslin

2005-06          Chris Willey

2007               Lee Emmert

2008-09          Richard Fidler           

2010               Ravenna Chase

2011-13          Chuck Lowe 

2014-15          Bernard Igiri

2015-16          Jack Roof